The Complete Works of David Lavallee

Reflecting on the stories I have written over the years, I thought it would be “neat” to write them all down in the basic order they were created.

Rokine (5th Grade)- A short story involving Superman’s superhero son. He outraces a wave of lava and looks at the sunset from the top of the Empire State building. I wrote a sequel in which he goes into a giant space station and travels faster than the speed of light.

Star Wars Episode 2 (7th Grade)- After the Phantom Menace came out, I decided to write the sequel with my friend Curtis. In our version Mace Windu is killed three times over and Darth Maul returns with a mechanical lower body. In my opinion, this was better than the real version that soon followed.

Team Justice (Senior Year High School) This is my first real attempt at writing a story with a beginning, middle, and end. It was about Bob Costas and a group of fictitious cartoon characters trying to stop Santa from killing children because he had lost faith in humanity.

Team Justice 2 (Senior Year High School) I tried to write a more serious sequel. Surprisingly, it didn’t work out very well.

Freeman (Senior Year High School) A post-apocalyptic tale about a man in his thirties attempting to keep his 8 yr old daughter safe from the dangers of a fallen civilization. I wrote about 20 pages in an attempt to write a long story but lost steam when I realized that I was 18 and trying to write about matters far beyond my experience.

Flesh of My Flesh (Freshman College) My response to the agony of breaking up, this short story deals with a young man who is pregnant and wandering alone in the wilderness. I see this as the first of a series of short stories.

Walk of John (Freshman College) A young man walks up a hill and observes people interacting. It ends with a chance meeting with a girl at the top of the hill. Another story written to ease the pain of love lost.

Eve ( Freshman-Sophomore Year) My second attempt at a longer story. This is also my first attempt to write the major story I have been tossing around for years. The pre-apocalyptic love story. I got about 25 pages into it. This was also largely in response to matters of the heart.

Milton High (Sophomore Year) A Short story about a High School. It is a biblical allegory and my favorite story to date.

Women (Sophomore Year) A young man deals with women. Yeah, I see a theme here.

George Washington (Junior Year) A short story about the start of George Washington’s presidency and Benjamin Franklin stealing people’s souls.

I’ve started many more stories, but I don’t consider them legitimate since they never really developed into anything.
It has been a while since I’ve written anything like these. That pre-apocalyptic love story still peaks my interest though.

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