A True Story

“Isn’t eating strange?” I asked someone, once.
“Shut up.” He replied.
That’s a true story.

Cats killed my cat, and that’s why I hate cats, but not why I hate Cats.
That’s a true story.

My greatest fears throughout my life in chronological order have been: the death of my parents, my esophagus breaking, the rapture, the sun exploding, nuclear war, Y2K, working at Subway, going to college, losing love, CPPS, and settling for mediocrity.
That’s a true story.

Isn’t eating strange?


One comment

  1. Nathan · July 22, 2010

    Settling for mediocrity is terrifying. Almost as terrifying as robot cats. One quarter as terrifying as laughing at your own mothers stab wounds… while in Church.

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