What Isn’t Love?

In the movie, The Matrix Reloaded, Neo chooses to save Trinity at the potential cost of all humanity. Isn’t that romantic!?!
In the movie, Hellboy 2, Liz is told that Hellboy is destined to destroy the world. She is given the choice to bring him back to life, or let him remain dead, by the angel of death. She chooses to bring him back to life, which basically ensures the destruction of the world. How sweet!

Love isn’t worth killing all of humanity. I know it’s tempting, but if you’re ever in that kind of situation, please be a little less selfish than the people in the movies I just mentioned. Consider that other people besides you experience love, and maybe you and your special someone aren’t the center of the entire universe.

Love isn’t all you need. I’m sorry Beatles, but if I’m starving to death I’m not going to survive on love. And if I didn’t prepare for an exam, I’m not going to pass on love. Just because love is the most important thing in the universe doesn’t mean it is the only thing we need.

Love isn’t measurable. Have you ever told someone, “I love you this much” as you stretch out your arms? Even if your arms were 2 miles long, it wouldn’t come close to an accurate measurement. This doesn’t mean that love is infinite. It just means you can’t quantify it. I love you eight Sea Otters. See? It makes no sense.

Love isn’t safe. You probably already know this. From the hormone propelled teenage love that ends in emo heartbreak, to the perfect love that was expressed on the cross, love is painful. Really painful. It can kill you. It can take you down a dangerous road. It can leave you with a chronic ache in your chest. Love is many things, but don’t let anyone ever tell you that it’s safe.

Love isn’t blind. Ask a blind person.

Love isn’t a brownie sundae. Well, not entirely.

Now here’s Pat Benatar with her song about what love is … a Battlefield.


One comment

  1. Nathan · July 22, 2010

    "Love hurts! YEAH YEAH!"

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