On Dragonflies and Bumblebees

The world is filled with many splendid things. Among God’s creatures, there are two insects that I hold in high regard.

The Dragonfly is king of all insects in my eyes.
They look really cool with their four wings and giant colorful eyes. And the way they can dart in any given direction and then stop and hover is fantastic.
Also consider that they don’t attack people like other flying insects. They don’t sting, and outside of one distant memory I have of someone accusing a dragonfly of biting their father, they don’t bite. They simply fly around.
Sometimes they swarm in my backyard when the bugs are stirred up. I can recall many instances where I was mowing the lawn and dragonflies were scooping up bugs all around me.
And speaking of bugs, dragonflies certainly eat annoying insects like mosquitoes and black flies.
Something you may not know about dragonflies is that they tend to hang around you when you’re out on the water. When I go fishing in any fresh body of water I make note of the dragonflies following the boat and landing on the end of our fishing poles.
Dragonflies are great. Appreciate them.

Bumblebees are also delightful insects.
Like honeybees, they fly around pollinating flowers which then become various fruits and vegetables. So we depend on these bees in order to survive.
But what sets the bumblebee apart from his sweet cousin is his sunny disposition.
Unless you step on one, or go out of your way to piss it off, bumblebees won’t attack you. They’re perfectly content minding their own business (I didn’t say beeswax) .
I have never been stung by a bumblebee. I have been stung by many honeybees.

I guess this was my Discovery Kids version of a blog post. If you have kids, tell them to appreciate these creatures. I sure do.


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