Words of Wisdom

Do not trust people who make the same face in every picture. Nobody makes the same face all of the time (unless they have a condition). If they are defaulting to a preset facial configuration they likely have something to hide. Just like clowns. And don’t trust clowns either.

Always pre-order an IMAX ticket. Always.

Some lessons are only learned in blood.

Never assume a woman is pregnant. Never. And even if you know she is pregnant, best to play it safe and wait for her to bring it up.

No one actually prefers Skippy to Jif. They just don’t know any better.

Beyond your actions, words, and appearance there is a deeper quality that you can’t hide from people. Who you are in your heart permeates your entire being.

If you are going to Wright’s Chicken Farm, get there at Noon, or be prepared to wait.

I’ve never seen someone jump party lines or accept religion as the result of an argument. Maybe I’m just not good at it.

The Simpsons has not been good for about ten seasons. If you still like The Simpsons, you’re either a hopeless fan, or just hopeless. Seasons 2-8 are pure gold, and I believe unmatched by any modern show. And if you’re wondering, no, Family Guy is not better than The Simpsons. There are at least 100 episodes of The Simpsons that exist in a league above Family Guy.

The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy is bad. The Original (Pre-Special Edition) Trilogy is the only trilogy. George Lucas forgot how to make good movies. He has lost touch. The prequels get worse over time, and the originals only get better. Hayden Christensen is awful. Jar Jar Binks is awful. Jake Lloyd is awful. I’m just thankful I didn’t care that much for Indiana Jones. Lucas ruined that too.

Almost everyone who says, “I like all types of music”, will continue, “except country and rap.”

If you want to become a better writer, write often and read even more.


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  1. Nate King · August 24, 2010


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