Dream: Street Fighter

Once in a while I have a vivid dream on an epic scale. I had one last night. Take a shot at interpreting it if you’d like.

Food Eaten Before Bed: 2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches From Trader Joe’s

Sleeping Conditions: Mattress on the floor of my old Amherst apartment with two small fans for white noise and air flow.

Last Item Viewed or Discussed: Watched 3 episodes of Arrested Development with Paul.

Dream Description: I am in what looks like a conference center with many rows of chairs. Surrounding me are characters from the original Street Fighter (1994) movie, most notably Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile. Then I notice that M. Bison is there. The odd thing is that he isn’t the actor from the movie, Raul Julia, but instead, Samuel L. Jackson. He demonstrates to us that he is unbeatable with his strength and quick movements.
Then the dream shifts to me becoming aware of an inability to escape the conference center. Bison has poisoned us with something that makes us deathly ill once we leave the building. So, we are forced to return.
Then my father appears in the dream. To teach me a lesson, Bison has his goons drag my father to the front of the room with the intention of killing him. I become enraged and desperate. I start attacking everyone around me as I try to save my father. The dream ends with almost everyone dead, but my father and I survive.

What is going on?!? Can I blame it all on the Chipwich?


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