Satan’s Hands

I work at an R.V. dealership. The business is divided into two sections, the store and the shop. I work in the shop. This means I work with technicians. For all of you who know me, this must seem like an odd arrangement. I’m not a mechanical guy. It’s an alien world to me. Nevertheless, I inhabit this realm. The realm of Satan’s Hands.

I will call him Jack. His real name will remain a secret. Jack is my co-worker. Some of you know him as “the guy who may have killed people.” Jack started about a year ago.

Jack has long brown hair. Actually, it’s gray, but he dyes it brown. His hair reaches the middle of his back. He has many tattoos. They cover his arms and chest. He is in his late thirties with a 14yr old son, and a wife. He also has a mustache and short beard. Jack smokes often, and says if he goes too long without a cigarette he will hurt people. He is a social drinker, but not an alcoholic. He is about 5’10”. Jack lifts weights, and is, from what I’ve seen, very strong. Also, he only ever wears steel toe boots.

Jack used to be in a biker gang called the Outlaws. When he started a family he wanted to get out, but the only way to do that without getting killed or severely beaten was to start his own gang (or club as he calls it). This is the origin of Satan’s Hands. Satan’s Hands is now composed of over 100 members (Jack claims over 200 but I think he exaggerates) . What does Satan’s Hands do? Well, from what I’ve gathered they deal in vigilante justice. Jack shared with me a story about a guy who beat his girlfriend. Someone in the gang let them know and they tied him to a chair and beat him with hammers. Jack has told me on more than one occasion, “If you need someone taken care of, tell me.” Don’t worry, I don’t subscribe to vigilante justice. Not now anyway. There are other stories, and more disturbing, but I’ll spare you.

Jack has also done things on his own. He went to jail for shooting into a Home Depot. A woman was threatening his family somehow so he saw this as just retribution. He has ripped more than one person out of their car and beaten them. And he even tried to beat up his martial arts instructor. He says all he remembers of that is his teacher saying, “Say Goodnight”. Oh, and he drove his car into his high school when the principle pissed him off. It should also be mentioned that Jack also won a million dollars in the lottery, but had to use most of that as bail money.

What is really surprising is that Jack talks with me about God and religion more than anyone at work. He’s the only one. We have talked about Jesus and what the Bible says many times. Usually, Jack tells me that he’s beyond forgiveness. He tells me that he needs to see a miracle before he can believe. Jack is the only person at work who wanted to read the magazine I edited, Logos. He read both issues and loved them. One time he gave me his friend’s Jehovah’s Witness version of the Bible and asked me to find where it’s different. We talked about that for a while. Jack even shared a deeply personal story about a time in his life when he was homeless, and at the moment he was going to jump into traffic, an old friend saw him and took him in. After that, he got his life back together. I told him, “That’s your miracle!” But he didn’t see it that way.

Jack has a good personality. He is easy to talk to, and actually pretty bright. He always has my back at work, and more than anyone, tells me when he thinks I’ve done a good job. He asked me to join Satan’s Hands a few weeks ago. I told him, no. The reasons should be obvious. But at least I can say that I was offered a position in a bad ass biker gang.

It’s an unlikely relationship, but I get along with the leader of a bike gang called Satan’s Hands. And honestly, it’s kind of awesome.


  1. Becky · August 28, 2010

    Wow…great blog. By the way, im glad i dont work there anymore. Jack terrifies me.

  2. Katy · August 28, 2010

    This is an amazing story. I think you have such a fantastic moment here, Dave. I'm so glad you're choosing to be Jack's friend even though he seems a little scary. I'll be praying for his miracle. ..

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