A Happy Birthday

It all started yesterday at work with an ice cream cake and card. The cake was no standard Carvel, (though I like those) but a custom made creation from a local ice cream stand. It had three separate sections: cappuccino and fudge chunks, black raspberry, and vanilla. I loved it. My co-workers signed a card that told me, based on the manner in which I opened it, that I am optimistic and anal retentive. The latter is debatable. At work I am known for my attention to detail and cleanliness, but one look at my room would shake your faith.
While I was eating cake with my boss he asked me if I wanted to take Saturday off and have a nice three day weekend. I accepted this proposal with enthusiasm.

After work I embarked on a modest outing with Brendon to Uno’s. By the way, the name of this restaurant confuses me. Is it just Uno, or is it Uno’s? I think it’s actually Uno, but we call it Uno’s. Maybe you call it Uno. Anyway, I got a simple chicken sandwich. No problem there. A modest and enjoyable outing.

Seeing as it was a special occasion, I decided to watch a special movie, Spiderman 2. Someday I will write about why I love this movie so much. I fell asleep around the part where Peter Parker loses his powers.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning. This did not upset me at all since it only meant more time to enjoy my day off. Without much hesitation I continued to watch the rest of the movie; not a bad way to start the day. My mother had wrapped a present for me and it was sitting next to the table. It was the new Metroid video game for Wii. That might not mean anything to some of you, but the original Nintendo Metroid video game was present during my early childhood and I hold many fond memories of playing it with my brother and cousins. It is a fine gift.

Around 9:30 I got changed and loaded my father’s truck with picnic tables to bring to my brother’s house. He is having our family Labor Day cookout, which is tomorrow. I’m getting off topic, but there will be an inflatable water slide this year. I’m pretty excited.
After this I went to Longhorn Steakhouse with my mom. It was good, as usual. I always get the wild west shrimp and Mr. Pibb for a drink. We joked about how we’re always forgetting to bring the leftovers home even after they are placed in the containers. And, of course, we forgot them.
We then headed over to Barnes and Noble where I picked up Carrie Fisher’s new book about her life, Wishful Drinking. It was recommended by a friend, and I think she’s funny. When I got home I sat down and read it in a few hours because it was entertaining and an easy read. I’m not sure to whom I would recommend the book; but I liked it. So if you think we have similar tastes, give it a shot.

Now we enter the visual portion of today’s post. I took a few pictures of the little birthday dinner we had.This is my two year old niece, Sara. She likes to peel cucumbers. Sara picked out my party decorations, which I enjoyed thoroughly. As you will see in the next picture.

Noise makers are exactly that by the way. Though not as bad as those horns that were blaring during the World Cup.

This is pretty much my perfect cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. But what really puts it over the top are the candy pieces. I love those candy pieces. If you’re ever in the position to make me a cake ( just hear me out) throw on those candy letters!

I have to explain the next picture. Sara labored to find me the perfect birthday card. After an excruciating search, she found the one.

This should be crippling you with its innocence and cuteness. It should be noted that five candles were placed on the cake.

That’s my birthday. I’ll probably finish the day with another movie with my parents (did you know I like movies?) All in all, it was a good day. At least no one died this year. I’ll never forget you,

Steve Irwin
22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006

One comment

  1. Joel · September 5, 2010

    Steve Irwin!!! Dave, sounds awesome. Hope you have a great birthday weekend to go along with it.

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