The Qualifier

The Dark Knight is better than The Notebook.
I think The Dark Knight is better than The Notebook.

Friendly’s is a better restaurant than Longhorn Steakhouse.
In my opinion, Friendly’s is a better restaurant than Longhorn Steakhouse.

We can’t go walking around spouting absolute statements all of the time. Absolutely not. But, we do have to be aware of the language we use. In the time that we live, I believe that we are erring on the side of caution. Less willing to stand by a truth outside of our own opinion.

If 16 years of schooling has taught me anything it is that every claim needs to be backed up with evidence, or proof. When you make a statement without such a qualifier as, I think, you should expect to be challenged. This is true among friends and teachers. And sometimes even the safety of the qualifier isn’t enough to protect you from recoil. For instance, “I think the Jonas Brothers are better than the Beatles.” You should be destroyed for saying such a thing.

This demand for proof is one reason we fall back on the qualifiers. With a qualifier, proof isn’t as important because it’s my opinion or your opinion. How difficult it is to argue based on opinions.

I hope your deepest beliefs aren’t opinions. I hope they are built on a foundation of reason and proven true through the fires of experience.



  1. Joel · September 9, 2010

    Dave, you philosopher you! Have you heard about existentialism? That's one of the podcasts I shipped over and it may be something you might be more interested in reading/looking into.

  2. becca · September 14, 2010

    I'm happy about this post since I like The Notebook and since I'm not much of a Friendly's fan. And because on many occasions I've bemoaned statements of such finality. Now I would like to read something about your hatred of The Notebook. Maybe you can help the women understand why men so despise it and other movies of its kind.

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