New Look, Same Great Taste

Welcome to the new home of my blog!

I have never been a huge fan of change, but I have learned through experience that change is necessary, and most often beneficial.

First, I want to draw your attention to the new title, Thoughts of a Post-Grad TwentySomething.  I decided to change it from English Major to TwentySomething because I believe it describes my current situation more accurately.  I am a twenty-four year old seeking a life of purpose, more than I am an English student.  This doesn’t mean I am losing any passion for words.  If anything, my love of words has increased since graduating over a year ago.  I hope you approve of this change.

Second, there is a new tag-line under the title.  It reads, Analysis of pop culture, politics, religion, and a dash of thoughtful nonsense. I have been trying to capture the spirit of the blog, and I believe this brief sentence does a decent job of it.

Third, you will notice the new format.  This blog exists through WordPress, as opposed to the original provider, Blogger.  I made the switch after doing a little research and speaking with some influential individuals who know about blogs.  I have nothing against Blogger.  Blogger was great.  But WordPress is the way I want to go.

Fourth, I have added some new tools to help you navigate through past entries.  There are now five categories: Nonsense, Politics, Popular Culture, Religion, and Everything Else.  And under those you will see a number of tags to help you in your search.  I was able to import all of my past entries from the old blog into this one, and I have put effort into categorizing them for your convenience.

And Finally, I hope that as I continue to write,  you will continue to read and be entertained, informed, and even moved from time to time.  It is a pleasure to write, and whenever I get feedback from those who take the time to read I am extremely grateful.

Our time is precious.

I hope to be worthy of yours in the days, weeks, and years to come.

One comment

  1. Becky · October 2, 2010

    Easier to comment on this site

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