The Dying Muse: Women

My favorite band is MUSE.  This will not be about my favorite band.  This is about women.

I’ve always liked women.  Even when I was a little boy I had some intense crushes.  Yes, one of the chief desires of my heart has always been to find a good woman.

It’s been tough going.  An arid wasteland one might say; for a good number of consecutive years.  Sure, some are quick to point out that I haven’t gone out of my way to place myself in proximity to females, so how could I expect to find her?  But that’s not really true.  I went to UMass Amherst.  For the 95% of the time I was single as a college student I didn’t live in a cave.  But what about now?  What about now?  This is the line of thinking that brought me to the topic of this post.

I write a decent amount for an average person.  I write these posts and I have been writing essays for many years.  But I’m realizing that there is something significant missing from my creative drive.  I haven’t written a short story or any poetry for over three years.  These types of writing were common before then.  Something has dried up.  My Muse has gone from me.

From the last half of high school until my sophomore year in college I wrote about ten short stories and dozens of poems.  Also mixed in were five failed attempts at writing a longer story.  Looking back, I see that almost all of these creative endeavors were fueled by some response to women.  Half of the short stories were a response to a break-up, and the other half were written specifically for girls I knew and liked.  The poetry is also directly in response to women.

Five years of singleness, and my Muse is an indistinguishable whisper.  The well of creativity is drying up.  (“Oh, woe is me” the members of my family will say when they read this)

Who among the vast ocean of feminine humanity can call to life this portion of my being?

What song could properly capture such agony???

2 thoughts on “The Dying Muse: Women

  1. Chuck

    Yes, women love guys who refer to them as Muses and listen to Michael Mcdonald. Is the sarcasm coming through in this? Oh yeah, get a haircut. I didn’t even say “woe is me”.

  2. Dave

    If you want to get technical Im not saying that women are the muse, Im saying that the muse responds to women.
    I have no Michael Macdonald defense.

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