Meatless Minority Aim to Cook Lady Gaga’s Goose

First, she wore a dress made out of meat to the MTV Video Music Awards.

Yes, this is real meat.

Then, she made the statement at a rally to repeal the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, “Equality is the prime rib of America, but because I’m gay I don’t get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat my country has to offer.”

Metaphor: Its what's for dinner

Needless to say, PETA is outraged.

“Meat is the decomposing flesh of an abused animal who didn’t want to die, and after time spent under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh that it is and likely be crawling in maggots—not too attractive, really,” the organization said in a statement.
PETA is not alone in its disgust.  There are other obnoxious groups and individuals who want to roast Lady Gaga on a spit.
ACTION (Animal Carcasses Taste Incredible…Or Not) is launching a campaign to destroy Lady Gaga’s career.  The group released the following statement:
We are not telling our members to kill her, but we’re also not telling them not to.  ACTION is serious about saving the lives of animals from all carnivorous beasts.  We support the hunting of lions in the name of preserving gazelles.  If Lady Gaga wants to wear dead animals and make offensive metaphors, well, then she deserves to be eaten by angry lions.  We are a peaceful organization.  We believe in the sacredness of all life.  Except human life, but that’s not the point.

In her blog, You Are What You Eat, Which is Dead Meat, Emily Green posted her thoughts on Lady Gaga’s latest stunts.

“Anyone who eats meat is an ignorant caveman and should be put in jail for life.  If I had a time machine I would teach cave people to only eat fruits, vegetables, and grains.  Then, all of the people living today would be vegetarians.  But, that’s not going to happen.  I hate Lady Gaga.”

When asked her opinion of this anti-meat backlash, Lady Gaga had this to say:

“Free speech is the fried chicken of America.  It’s the Canadian bacon of Canada.  (Wipes the drool off her face) It’s the chicken cordon bleu of France!  It’s the veal parmesan of Italy…”

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