The Disney Vault

The Walt Disney Company has implemented a policy in which certain classic films are stored and released from “The Vault”.   For years, a film will be very difficult to find, and one has to either pay extra or settle for a bootleg copy until it is re-released by Disney.  This is to create artificial scarcity.  It’s a business strategy.

According to Wikipedia, these are the movies currently under this policy.

Believe it or not, I actually think this is a good idea.  In our instant gratification culture it’s good that certain material goods are withheld for a time.  We’re so used to getting what we want when we want it.  Sure, it sucks when you want to buy one of these films and you can’t get it without paying too much, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.  When it is finally released from the vault, you can choose to purchase it at a more reasonable price.  Disney isn’t keeping food from the public.  They are choosing to withhold specific forms of entertainment for a time, with the aim of maximizing their profits.  It’s well within their right as a company to do so.

I want to accuse them of some wrong, but the more I think on this the more I agree with their vault policy.  The films are celebrated whenever they are re-released and Disney makes a profit.  There is an increase in value at both ends of the exchange.  If you simply have an issue with a major company making a profit, you’re going to have to re-think more than what movies to buy.

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