My Hopes for Tron:Legacy

The original Tron came out in 1982.  At the time, the special effects were groundbreaking.  It didn’t kill at the box office, but Tron has had a lasting impact on our culture.  I’m willing to bet you’ve at least heard of it.  If you haven’t, I’m sure you will hear plenty after the upcoming sequel hits theaters on December 17th.

The basic story of the original is that a computer programmer named Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) gets trapped in a computer mainframe.  The main antagonist is called Master Control Program,  which is a highly advanced artificial intelligence.  It has big plans to take over the Pentagon because it believes it is more capable to run the world than humans.  Flynn makes his way through the mainframe with another program named Tron.  Tron is a program that was designed by Flynn’s friend and fellow programmer, Alan Bradley.  The two eventually face Master Control and Flynn is returned to the real world.

Tron: Legacy takes place about thirty years after the original.  Watch the trailer to get up to speed.


My Hopes

  • The movie is going to look fantastic.  At the very least, the special effects will offer a feast for the eyes.  It’s also a unique environment, and it’s always nice to see someplace new.
  • The fact that the main character is a no-name actor will help the suspension of belief.  I like it when the main character is a new face, so I can’t associate him or her with other movies.  There is also the potential that this new actor will be great.  I’m hoping he’s great.
  • It won’t be too preachy.  I think this movie has the potential to be preachy, but I’m hoping they don’t pull a Happy Feet on me.  In one of the trailers they mention that Flynn had discovered something that would change the world, and even religion.
  • The focus is on the relationship between father and son.  It seems like this will be the case based on the trailers, but there is a chance that the love interest in the movie will take some of the spotlight.
  • The main love interest (Olivia Wilde) will be cute and have substance, and not be sexy and shallow.  Olivia Wilde is pretty great, and I like her in the things she has been in, but she is very good-looking.  I hope they make her more than a sex object and actually develop her as a character.  Megan Fox in Transformers is a great example of what I’m afraid of.  The trailers indicate that she will have substance.
  • Jeff Bridges will be great.  Of course he will.  He’s the Dude.
  • I won’t be distracted by the computer animated younger version of Jeff Bridges.  It looks a little off, but I’m hoping it won’t be distracting.  You know, like Batman’s voice in The Dark Knight.
  • The movie will not suffer from the planned sequels.  Often times, when a movie is made with a sequel in mind, the quality of the story suffers.  Every film should be able to stand on its own even when it is one of many sequels.
  • The story won’t be secondary to special effects.  Every big-budget film faces this temptation.  Why develop characters and a story when people will just eat up the visuals?  Avatar *cough*.
  • It will be at least an 8 out of 10.  An 8 means that the movie is very good with memorable characters and a meaningful story.


Many have been burned by having high expectations going into a movie.  Nevertheless, I have hope for this one.  And unless it turns out to be absolutely terrible, I think you should see it.

3 thoughts on “My Hopes for Tron:Legacy

  1. I agree, even my mom is excited for this film. Although, that could be because she was a nerd way back when, and she was that kid that saw Star Wars eleven times in the theater. (I won’t go into how this rubbed off Star Wars love onto me).

  2. Devinne

    I’ve honestly never even heard of “Tron,” and this makes me want to get the original on Netflix before I watch it. I love sequels that are made years after, to see how pop culture has influenced the take on the story.

  3. Who’s excited? This guy. I think you should definitely watch the original as soon as possible, just don’t forget that it was made in 1982. 🙂

    I can’t explain how sad it makes me that TRON is almost *30* years old.

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