The Irresistible Resolution

For anyone who has come here via Facebook, it must be clear to you now that I have returned.  The temporary hiatus proved beneficial as it allowed me to purge my mind of status update shaped thoughts.  As many of you know, this was one of the main reasons for my departure.  I felt that Facebook was shaping my mind to an unhealthy degree.  Now, I believe I will be able to handle this beast of a social network without investing too much of my time and concern.  It is simply a means through which I can communicate.  Communicate, I shall.

It is time to usher in the new year.  2011 is upon us, and I think it is appropriate to declare my resolution.

I will pour my energy into the pursuit of work within the field of writing.

To a degree, I have been doing this all along.  But I have not been giving it my all.  Doubts and a dash of complacency have prevented me from fully embracing this irresistible goal.  This cannot continue.  In some capacity, I must work with words.  It’s where my heart is.

So here I am, posting this for all to see.  The future is uncertain, but my heart and mind are set.  I am willing.  Now send me forth.

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