Delicacy= Disgusting

“Here, try this.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a partially formed chicken fetus.”

“That’s disgusting!”

“No, it’s a delicacy.”

We’ve all had this conversation.  Maybe not about eating a chicken fetus, but something just as disgusting.  How many times have you seen something, either in real life or on television that looked absolutely disgusting but was declared a delicacy?

Why not try this poisonous puffer fish called Fugu?

Are you worried that it’s both gross and deadly?  Don’t be!  Hey, it’s a delicacy.  And if something is a delicacy, it must be good.  You only think it’s disgusting because you’re an uncultured swine.  Eat up!

If you do a Google image search using the word delicacy you may want to place a bucket next to your chair.  First, you have the partially formed chicken fetus that I mentioned.  This is a delicacy in the Philippines, and I know that my friend Joel has tried it.  After that you have a picture of what looks like a badger pancake hanging on a hook.  Scroll down and you’ll see cooked rats and fat grubs on a stick.  Then you’ll see some octopus and a bowl of fruit bat soup.   It goes on and on, and you get my point.  In general, delicacies are repulsive.

Did I mention that the definition for delicacy is Something pleasing and appealing, especially a choice food? Sounds about right.

Is the whole world playing a joke on us?

I am bringing this to your attention so that you will not fall into the trap of eating something simply because it has the right label.  Just because something is a delicacy does not mean that it is good, delicious, or desirable.  Chances are it’s actually something disgusting.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

A chicken fetus, a bowl of worms, a cow tongue, a poisonous fish, a bloated badger, a bat, a rat, and an octopus by any other name (delicacy) is still disgusting.


And if you’re thinking that me eating a hamburger or a chicken wing is along the same lines, let me remind you that it’s just meat that I’m eating.  I’m not eating feathers, eyes, tentacles, tongues, or feet. I’m just not that sophisticated.




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