February Blues: Reflections on the Worst Month of the Year

If you know me, you know that I am overall and abundantly in possession of a sunny disposition.  I’d like to remind you of this (or tell you for the first time) so that you don’t have to worry about reading a mopey rant about hating winter.  I have made a few observations about the month of February, and I would simply like to express them.


Every year I find myself growing weary of winter after about the middle of January.  By the time February rolls around, I have had it.  Think about it.  It comes after November, December, and January.  It’s like winter is punching you in the face for three months and then , in February, you’re on the ground and it’s telling you to bite the sidewalk.

But it’s only 28 days you say.  Yeah, they got rid of a few days because people were complaining.  Stick an extra day on July and August, they said.  This is February’s only redeeming quality, but it’s also 28 days too long.

The snow has piled up for months and it’s getting all black and rock-hard on the sides of the road.  No more snow, you think to yourself as you drive by massive frozen mounds wondering when it’s all going to finally melt.

Also, consider the holidays that February gives us.  First we have Groundhog Day, which without the movie would be exciting for people living in Punxsutawney, and anyone in elementary school.  Not really a holiday in the standing of Christmas, or even Arbor Day.   Then we have “Send a Card to a Friend Day” on the 7th, which is really pushing it card companies, since Valentine’s Day is only a week later.  Ah yes, Valentine’s.  For many millions it is a day to be reminded of your loneliness, and for many millions more it is a day to fulfill a joyless obligation.  But for some, perhaps, the day can be used to express genuine affection.  It should be noted that Organ Donor Day is also on the 14th, which works because a lot of people are getting their hearts ripped out of their chests anyway.

Honestly, February is just the month that comes at the end of winter.  It doesn’t have those warm days that you find in March with its flower buds and returning robins.  March is the assurance that warm weather is coming.  February is the dark just before the dawn.

Thank God it’s not February anymore.



  1. India · March 4, 2011

    True that. I have a serious depressed during February every year. It gets pretty bad. This could possibly be attributed to seasonal whatever something something, or it could just be that because it’s a random month where it’s crappy weather, nothing exciting is around to look forward to except March, Valentine’s is a sucky excuse for a holiday (minus the candy), and school has been in session for a couple of weeks and the “new” and “exciting” feeling of the start of a semester has worn off because you realize you’re stuck there for three more months. February sucks.

  2. India · March 4, 2011

    I realize there’s a typo in there…

  3. Amy · March 9, 2011

    Ok – I can’t not comment on your blogs anymore 🙂 February is around to make sure you appreciate the spring! And without the great month of February some very important people would not exist, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. February took the blow that no other month could and lost 2-3 days, only to get one of them back every 4 years, just so the Roman calendar would look pretty. You should have more appreciation for the month of February because without it, March would be just as gloomy and horrible as you claim February to be, only longer!

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