Charlie Sheen is Winning: No, Really

Ask Charlie Sheen and he will tell you that he is a winner.  If you challenge him on this point he will call you a loser and assure you that he is “winning”.  Is this man crazy?  Or, is he actually winning?

The truth is that Charlie Sheen is a winner.  He has tons of money, fame, power, and sex.  He had a tremendously popular sitcom that made him millions on top of his millions.  He was the star of that sitcom, and it is nothing without him.  Most people know his name, and he is currently at the center of the pop-culture universe.

Charlie Sheen knows what he wants and he gets it.  He is a winner.  By his definition, he is winning.  He has all of the things that the world tells you to want.  He has them, and he isn’t ashamed.  He has all of the things that you’re supposed to have and he is right when he says that you are a loser for not having them.  Charlie Sheen is the master of his own universe.  The world revolves around him and that is exactly what he wants.  Charlie Sheen is winning.

No, you say.  You say that he is troubled and delusional.  You say that he is burnt out from years of drug use.  So?  Even if that’s the case, he is still winning.  He believes that he is winning, and isn’t that enough?  If what’s true for me isn’t true for you, and if truth is a relative subjective thing, who are you to judge Charlie Sheen?  To him, he is winning.  You are a loser.

Charlie Sheen is winning because that’s the truth he believes.  There is no greater truth that reveals him to be delusional.

Who are you to say otherwise?

One comment

  1. Jon · April 10, 2011

    Clever girl.

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