If He Didn’t Rise

Tomorrow is Easter.  Easter is the day that Christians remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I’m still not sure where the bunny and the eggs fit in.  I guess it’s for the kids.  Rising from the dead isn’t as marketable to children as bunnies and eggs.  But what is the whole business of resurrection?  Why does it matter?  And what does it mean to you, me, and the world if it’s just a myth?

For starters, if Jesus didn’t come back to life the whole Christian religion is complete bull.  Catholics, protestants, Baptists, it doesn’t matter; you’re wasting your time and your life if Jesus didn’t rise.

If he died and stayed dead, all of those people who followed him closely while he was alive must have either been completely delusional or partners in a massive conspiracy.  Although, I don’t know what they had to gain from being crucified upside down, boiled in oil, skinned to death, and fed to lions.  If he didn’t rise, those first followers were simply mad.

If Jesus Christ did not come out of that tomb, he isn’t the savior of mankind.  If the man couldn’t even save himself, how can he save us?  He made some pretty lofty promises during his time here (“Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never die.” John 11:26    “Whoever believe in him [Jesus] will not die but have eternal life.” John 3:16  ” And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20)  so if he’s dead I don’t see how he can fulfill those.

If he didn’t rise, death is more powerful than life.  Death comes to us all, and we make flowery claims about loving forever and such, but it’s all just talk if Jesus is still dead.  If you’re dead, you can’t love.  You can’t give it or receive it.  Even if you write something nice and someone finds it a million years later, who cares?  You’re dead, and it doesn’t make a difference to you.  If someone as incredible as Jesus can’t overcome death, what chance do any of us have?

Finally, if Jesus didn’t rise, my prayers are now falling on deaf ears.  My cries are just dull echoes in an endless void.  My heart longs for a God that doesn’t exist.  I seek a truth that isn’t true.  I devote my thoughts, cares, and passion to meaningless dust.  The story of my life is based on a lie.  My sense of purpose is senseless.  And my hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity is groundless.

So tomorrow, if you find yourself in church and you see people singing and lifting their hands to God,  think about the resurrection.  If it’s true, you’re a fool for not joining in.  If it’s false, we’re all fools.  We’re all damned fools.

What kind of fool are you?

One thought on “If He Didn’t Rise

  1. I love this. I showed it to my roommate, because he just happened to ask me a couple of questions about the resurrection this evening. He said, “I went to church yesterday (only for Easter not because he goes regularly) and they said that Jesus’ body wasn’t behind the rock… couldn’t his friends just have moved him?” I said, “No because he got up and walked around after.” “Oh.. they didn’t tell us that part.”
    I was really glad that have something to show my friend because you had put it so well. Thanks for writing this Dave.

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