A**holes and Revelations

Muse has an album called Black Holes and Revelations, which is where I got the inspiration for the title.   If my slight dip into cursing has offended you, I do sincerely apologize.  This blog is generally a place of pure language, but for today’s subject I felt compelled to use a word that really captures the essence of this moronic false prophet.  He’s an asshole.

This guy, Harold Camping, has already falsely predicted the end of the world in the nineties.  What gall to do it again.  And what is this new prediction based on?  It’s based on biblical numerology.  You know, you take a three here and a seven there and you divide and then multiply arbitrarily until you get some date that you can work with.  It’s complete madness.

Alright, so the Bible does contain numbers of symbolic meaning.  You can look up the meaning of three and seven and forty, if you have some time to spare.  Those are some of the most significant ones.  But nowhere is there any indication that one can use these numbers to make any type of accurate prediction about anything.  You see, the problem is that the Bible also contain words, and when you take a word and put it in a sentence it forms a complete thought.  Here, let me show you.

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”  Jesus  (Mark 13:32)   Look at that!  God Himself used words to say that no one knows when the world will end.  But hey, don’t let the words of God get in the way of your search for “hidden codes” lurking between the lines.

Harold Camping is just one asshole, but unfortunately there are others out there, and they make other Christians look like a bunch of… you know.  People who use end times curiosity to sell books and promote their weekly television and radio programs should not be trusted.  I’m looking at you Jack Van Impe, and those guys who wrote the Left Behind series .  I do not denounce their inclusion of the gospel message in their material, but I’m afraid it’s hard for people on the outside to see the love of Christ when it’s covered by a pile of apocalyptic… you know.  More harm than good?  Probably.  Bringing many to Christ?  Probably not.

The Bible does say that the world is going to face a time of really intense turmoil ending in the return of Jesus Himself.  But the Bible is also very clear that we are not to know when that time is.  The early Christians believed the end would happen in their time two-thousand years ago.  It is good to be aware of what is happening in the world,  and I am not saying that the end isn’t coming soon.  It might be.   All I’m saying is that the end isn’t going to happen tomorrow, and jerks who use people’s beliefs and fears and curiosities to turn a profit are assholes who have no love for God in their hearts.

As a side note, I want to address the issue of rapture.  Many Christians believe that they will be taken up into heaven right before the really bad stuff starts happening to the world.  There are other Christians who don’t believe in the rapture.  I personally don’t believe that Christians will be raptured.  Why?  Historically, Christians have had to endure much suffering and torture and persecution, and they had to endure it to the end.  “Easy way outs” don’t seem to fit with God’s character.  Instead, I think it would make sense that followers of Christ remain to face the trails and tribulations along with all others.  That way, in the face of so much suffering, Christians could be a witness to the world of the peace and hope that can only come through Jesus Christ.  That’s not anything you’ll find in the Bible, but it’s my thoughts on what God could do in the last days to bring people to Himself. 

And one last thing.  When Jesus came, He wasn’t the conquering king that the people expected from their messiah.  We have this image of what the end will look like.  I have a feeling that when the end comes, it will look a lot different than what we expect.  That being said, when Jesus returns, you’ll know.  Believe me, you’ll know. 

2 thoughts on “A**holes and Revelations

  1. Joel

    Another great post, Dave. I had to check out what you wrote about Harold Camping. Pretty much he was wrong the minute he started misquoting scripture. How can you say you represent God via the Bible and then not agree with what it says. It’s madness!

    What are your thoughts on people who use scripture to prove the rapture?

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