Searching for a Good Character

What are we looking for in a good character? 

One who has great power, but does not use it for selfish gain.

One who sacrifices much for the sake of others.

One who serves friends, and also rises above the threats and violence of enemies by serving them as well.

One who speaks the truth plainly, without biting sarcasm or fruitless profanity.

One who treats great and small alike, without self-serving favoritism.

One who lives in a way that proves the existence of our highest ideals, virtues, and values.

One who is relatable, and not too important or busy to pay attention to others.

One who gives without expecting to receive.

One who does not fall prey to the influence of popular opinion.

One who does the right thing when no one is looking.


When I watch a movie or read a book I can’t help but look for these qualities.  They are the qualities that I’m drawn to because they are the qualities that I aspire to.  It is no coincidence that these qualities are also found in the character of Jesus Christ: the one I am always searching for.

When I am talking to people, always am I considering the character of Jesus Christ.  Am I exhibiting these qualities, or is the other person?  What can I learn about Him through this?  I am searching internally and externally.  I am skimming all of creation for signs of my God.

When I watch a movie I search for Him.  Do the characters I’m watching imitate any of His characteristics?  If not, what is their value?  If so, what can I learn about my God and myself?  I watch hours upon hours of film watching for signs of life.  The fiction has only as much value as it proclaims what is true of reality.

How can I help that my heart is hungry for such a good character?  When you’ve tasted something that is better than everything else, don’t you want to taste it again and again?  When you see something more attractive than anything else, can you stop yourself from looking at it?  When you’ve heard something that rings true, how can you then block your ears to it?



I’m always searching for a good character.


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