A Theme Song and a Call For Some Competition

Today I was listening to some music, or to put it as the kids do these days, I was listening to my iPod.  At the same time I was checking over the response to my latest Tiger vs. Gorilla post, and that’s when I got an idea: give the blog a theme song!  Hey, why not?  Wrestlers have theme songs.  Radio talk show hosts have theme songs.  Kars for Kids has a theme song. (pretty sure that’s playing on an endless loop in hell) This blog should have one too.

I chose one song that does a good job of capturing the essence of this blog.  But before I could decide, I had to narrow it down to three.  Here are the first two that I almost chose.

I initially wanted to use a Muse song since they’re my favorite band, and this song touches on many aspects of the blog.  You’ve got a plea to destroy the delusions that wall us in, which is really a desire for the truth.  I’m a fan of truth, and when I write I’m often searching for it or communicating it.  But in the end I couldn’t use it because it was a little too intense.  The tone doesn’t quite capture the lighter side of my blog.  Plus there is a line that goes, “Justify my reasons with your blood.”  That’s the opposite of what I’m trying to do.

Truthfully, this song crossed my mind even though I despise John Mayer.    “Say what you need to say” is simple, but very true.  “Do it with your heart wide open” would have been a nice touch.  But in the end I couldn’t get past my annoyance and I couldn’t choose a song that repeats the same six words over thirty times.

Now to the one that I finally chose to be the official theme song of the blog.


On to the second thing I wanted to talk about.

I was speaking with Nicole about a week ago and we stumbled upon an interesting idea.  What if there was someone who thought the opposite of the way I do, and that person posted a blog?  You know, they hate Cadbury eggs and think Bill Cosby is lame.  They hate God and love John Mayer.  Everything I stand for, they stand against.  And what if that person attracted the same readers?  And what if we responded to each other on a regular basis?   Wouldn’t that be great?  Seriously, that would be fantastic. Nothing motivates like some good competition.

For that reason, I’m calling you out!  Say what you need to say, and show me what your city of delusion is built of.  There’s plenty of room for competing ideas, so let’s make this a full house.

One thought on “A Theme Song and a Call For Some Competition

  1. Did you know that OneTrueMedia is a subsidiary of the media empire that’s destroyed our culture and is running our American value system into the ground? Way to go. Way. To. Go.
    Do you want me to hate everything you do? Is that it?

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