This Teaching Thing is Actually Happening

I have taken another break from the Facebook realm.  I say this so no one fears that I have defriended them.  Last time I gave a clear and intentional warning before making a departure, but to do that a second time would be lame.  I’m sure that world will get on without me.

The MTELs are behind me and I am happy to report that I passed them all.  It was important for me to ace the English exam, especially after failing a  test during my first real interview at a publishing company over a year ago.  Perhaps it was nerves, or the lack of preparation, or the fact that I had 30 minutes to do work that should normally take an hour.  Whatever the cause, I was defeated by the result and really needed that chance for redemption.  I’m psyched to have redeemed my English pride while also advancing myself in the teaching profession.  Two birds with one stone, and not a moment too soon.


When I look back at this period in my life, this post-grad time, I am beginning to see that it was a lot more formative than I initially cared to accept.  That first year after graduation was a time of reflection.  College turned out to be quite the experience: spiritually, mentally, and wholeheartedly.  Stepping out of UMass, and particularly the Christian community of the Navigators, I had to find my footing in a post-grad world.  I am glad to have had that time working at the same job while I wrestled with what I should become and where I should stake my claim.  Various mentors began to introduce me to the “real world” of business.

They fed me nourishing insight into a sphere I had little understanding of.  Though things happened slowly, they did in fact happen.

At the start of the second post-grad year I met Nicole.  In poetic fashion we fell head over heels for our words before anything else.  I loved how she wrote since it exposed such a great character.  Being an English major, starting to feel that I may have no good use for my degree, it is quite the morale booster to win the heart of a good woman through writing.  It was soon after this that I had my first real interview in that publishing company.  And this began a time of trying to find my place in the business world.  I sought after insurance positions and various human resource jobs.  In all I had five interviews and no jobs, other than the one I had had since junior year in high school.  By the start of the summer I was feeling pretty low.   Where was my purpose?

Feeeeny! Feeeeennayyy!

A series of revelations brought me to a place where I had to acknowledge the legitimacy of a career in teaching.  Discussion, circumstance, and reflection all pointed to education.  So, as a first step I signed up to teach Sunday school to 1st thru 5th graders.  Finding this to be enjoyable I contacted one of my former high school teachers to find that she was now a vice principal at a local middle school.  She encouraged me to substitute teach, and I did.  So far I have taught 3rd thru 8th grade, and I am having a good time.  Now that I’ve passed the MTEL I am ready for the next step.

Tomorrow I interview for a long-term substitute position at Grafton Middle School.  Whatever the outcome, I can finally say with confidence that I have a clear, obtainable, and desirable goal.

This teaching thing is actually happening.