5 Grams From Justice: Join the Fight to Restore the Full-Sized Cadbury Egg

English 39g on left. "American" 34g on right.

I received yet another precious gift of Cadbury eggs today.  Thank you to those who have responded to the cause.  (See My Cadbury Egg Campaign and The Far-Reaching Consequences of a Shrinking Egg)   The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  That step was awareness, and we will continue to spread it, but now we must prepare to move forward.  Now is the time for action!

If you’ve been following my posts you will know that Cadbury is not actually to blame for the shrinking of their egg.  In England, the home of Cadbury, the egg has remained 39g and will likely stay that size.  The true culprit is The Hershey Corporation, who makes and distributes Cadbury products in the United States.  In 2006 Hershey decided to drop 5g off of the classic 39g egg, and they had the audacity to mock the American people with the line, “They haven’t gotten smaller, you’ve gotten bigger.”  Clearly this was a shot at the growing obesity epidemic.  What monsters.

Though Kraft Foods bought out Cadbury a few years back, I still believe that the brunt of the blame rests with Hershey.  And who can blame them for selling a reduced-size product at the same (or increased) price when the public still eats it up?  They believe that we won’t care enough to notice, and we certainly won’t care enough to stop buying their product!  That is why my mission has always been to get the word out.  I believe many people simply don’t realize that they’re being swindled, and if they saw the truth perhaps more and more would rise to resist.

When Netflix threatened to raise their prices, people spoke out in large numbers and the giant was forced to retreat.

When Bank of America threatened to charge $5 a month for simply having a debit account, the people spoke out in large numbers and the giant retreated.

We forget that they need us.  If we exercised a little power in numbers I am sure that we could get their attention.

We can change the world.

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that 6 years has already passed since the change in size was made.  Consider all of the injustices that people of the past stomached for decades or centuries before they couldn’t take it anymore.

Change happens when the people decide it must happen.

Join us by complaining to Hershey.  Contact them here   Tell them that you are not satisfied with the 34g egg and you will no longer purchase their product for any reasons I listed or that you come up with.

When you speak out, please comment or like this post so others can see strength in numbers and decide to act.

We’ve been 5 Grams From Justice for too long…

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