About David Lavallee

I often find myself getting into heated debates over trivial topics.  Many of the posts you see are the results of those discussions.



  1. lady ewok · July 25, 2011

    you’re cool.

    I found your site looking for a picture of a ewok. Lol.

  2. Charlie Lavallee · March 20, 2012

    How interesting. I search for a picture of Van Damme as Guile, and find another Lavallee’s website. A most fortuitous double take.

    • Dave Lavallee · March 20, 2012

      Doubly interesting is that last night I had a dream with Jean Claude Van Damme in it. And also that my brother’s name is Charlie.

  3. Charlie Lavallee · March 26, 2012

    Similarly, I have an Uncle and a cousin Dave. Carl Jung would be proud.

  4. Emil · February 11, 2013

    Cookie Monster! 😀

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